Health minister and winner of the coveted "Most punchable face in parliament" award a record 3 consecutive years, Greg Hunt, recently took to the stage with the PM. They were there to announce an amazing deal they have done to locally produce COVID-19 vaccines in partnership with Oxford University and Australian biotech giant CSL.

Greg "Just look at that fuckn' head" Hunt

A properly trialed vaccine does not exist yet but it was clearly worth announcing anyway as the economic figures looked pretty bleak and the Dan Andrews bashing was wearing thin. They just wanted to talk about other stuff for a change, with only the occasional rubbishing of Premier Andrews for prioritising life over business interests.

The deal looks great. Local production of a coronavirus vaccine is potentially a fantastic resource. Unfortunately the deal is complete ratfuckery. The citizens will lose on this and super rich shareholders (aka cunts) will again, get richer. A free $1.7 billion richer.

Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis? CSL?

In 1993 CSL was a government department. Founded in 1916 as the "Commonwealth Serum Laboratories". It was a world leader in the development of vaccines and antivenom among other things.

Not CSL but a pretty awesome retro biotech snap hey?

Some of the Commonwealth Serum Laboratory's achievements included:

* The only bit I didn't cut and paste from wikipedia.  

"A disastrous deal for the Australian taxpayer"

Yeah that happened. In 1994, the pioneer of the left's surrender to neo-liberal cocksuckery and former PM Paul Keating, approved the privatisation of this obviously useless institution. In what the Australia Institute described a year later as "a disastrous deal for the Australian taxpayer", we sold the whole thing to a bunch of "investors" for just under $300 million. Cool right, 300 mil is heaps of bones! Who needs that old shit?

Pic unrelated

Unfortunately that's just enough to fund two Liberal Government advertising campaigns to make us feel better about their awful policies.

The best part of the deal was that the Government would continue to pay CSL $45 million per year of our funds in order to keep doing what they used to do for the cost of running a government department! Winner!

26 years on and we are a lot poorer for it. CSL turned over $8 billion and snagged a small profit of just under $2 billion last financial year.

So let me get this straight. We will now upgrade the infrastructure we gave them for pennies, not so they can develop a vaccine, but so they can produce and market somebody else's vaccine and undoubtedly make a nice profit in the process?

Here's an idea, why don't you build you own infrastructure and buy your own vaccines you greedy, heartless, pieces of shit? Even Jesus would stab you people.

CSL Shareholder Party Yacht - Cayman Islands

In a country where you can vote for anyone you like, knowing your vote is redirected to your next choice, we have a very bad habit of voting for the two parties with a proven track record of looking after corporate interests over us. The USA has an excuse. Australia has no excuse but "straya".

Stop voting for the Labor and Liberal parties! Don't be useful idiots and vote One Nation or Clive either will ya? Until these cowards fear the electorate more than their corporate overlords, they will continue to sell us out.  

"CSL’s balance sheet remains in a strong position with net assets of US$6,527 million" according to their annual report.

Suck a giant dick CSL!

Alan J Boltlaw
Former Golden Gloves - Lake Macquarie '77 and potential rioter