WASHINGTON: Congress on Wednesday voted to impeach Lord Donny but as usual, he genuinely appears to give zero fucks.

Just look at that bonce. It's fucking ludicrous. It always has been, and will continue to be to weirdest melon in politics despite the re-election of Boris Johnson.

Even with the UK solidly backing up on the "we can be dumber cunts" thing, Lord Donny remains powerfully weird. Even for the notoriously chinless and shallow gene pool of the English aristocracy. Britain will need to seriously lift its game if it is to challenge to the US for the stupidest political shitshow of the 19/20 season.

Economically fucking yourselves into irrelevance under the Tories just wont cut it my pasty friends. My advice? Find the strangest and most repressed hereditary member of the house of lords and make him fuck a horse live on vimeo.

This guy looks ripe for it. Have just a slight go at the cunt.

Jamie Borwick, 5th Baron Borwick 

I hope you learned something from this hot take my soap-dodging friends. No wonder you lost your empire. Truck nuts you pompous tea sipping fucks. Truck nuts.

Alan J. Boltlaw
Very Good Journalist