On my recent bi-annual sojourn to the spiritual homeland, I happened across the ancient practice of shelving hefty lumps of bean curd. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit off but believe me, it was all the rage at surfers this year.

"Young Daz only managed a pack of that spongy stuff." said 32 yo unemployed Stephen Hoskins. "I reckon that's cheating but it was a fucken (sic) crack up anyway. What a mad cunt."

Initially unconvinced this was even a thing, upon witnessing Darren's acquaintances Shane and Micko throw a few lumps up their dots and their ensuing states of bliss, I decided to have a crack.

I can safely say it's a goer boys! I was cooking for a solid 45 mins before descending into a mild bliss out and a top up gets you right back up there. I only packed in half a block of your standard silken firm and was thoroughly munted. Stay away from the flavoured though stuff I reckon.

More of a hot tip than a hot take today.

Smash some tofu up your asterisk my dudes, you will not regret it.

Alan J. Boltlaw
Hot tip giver