Hectic Terry was officially launched 1 April 1946 by a shady cabal of weird and concerned citizens under its former name "The National Times".

It rapidly rose to prominence in the post-war era due to its unwavering ethical approach to top quality journalism, outstanding editorial support of its advertisers and an oddity in the manufacturing process of the broadsheet that made it exceptional for creating papier-mâché projects which were wildly popular in primary schools at the time.

This runaway success led to the takeover of numerous regional media outlets during the 1950's, the subsequent sacking of local boneheads masquerading as "journalists" reporting on "news" that was mostly just boring shit irrelevant to everyone else.

The "Hectic Terry Media Group" was officially incorporated in 1959 as an umbrella corporation, tax dodge and flagship news product. Nobody recalls why they called it that.

The head office was re-located from Collingwood VIC, to Windale NSW in 1962 to take advantage of the low corporate tax rate offered by the Windale City Council and other clear operational benefits. Such as convenient access to the beach and closer proximity to local investor "Shifty Craig McCloy", who had by then acquired a considerable stake in the group.

The new broadsheet and first ever website immediately spearheaded a national campaign to beat the USA to the moon. Although ultimately unsuccessful, the campaign was popular and resulted in readership boom of people consuming our dogshit content and actually believing it. So we ran a tonne of bullshit about how Stanley Kuberick faked the Moon landing in a secret Hollywood studio to discredit those smarmy American bastards and realised how utterly gullible you fuckwits are. People still believe that shit. Even Americans.  

We've rolled with it ever since. We have the experience, the networks and more importantly the courage to navigate the ever changing media landscape. To ruthlessly exploit it and to manipulate the uneducated in a never ending quest to further our financial and ideological agendas. We report. We decide. Fuck you.

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